Tips for a Beginning Investor

Bar chart with pencilsInvesting your money is a great way to gain positive returns for future benefit. However, if you are new to investing, the number of options available to you can be confusing. An experienced Investment Advisor can help you evaluate your current assets and long-term goals to make the right investment choices for your future.

Define Your Goals

Before you begin to invest your money, it’s best to define your goals. Why are you investing, and what do you hope to gain? Are you simply looking for extra spending cash over the short term, save for college or a second home, or do you want to invest long-term for your retirement? The type of returns you want will in part define the investments you make. It’s also perfectly fine to have more than one goal—lay out each goal clearly so you can determine which type of investment is best to reach them.

Assess Your Risks

All investments, even small ones, come with some amount of risk. Before you invest your money, it’s best to determine which type of risks you are comfortable taking.  A good Investment Advisor will help you balance out a comfortable risk assumption with a desired rate of return. There is risk in being too conservative as well as being too aggressive.  Your investment time horizon is a key component in determining amount of risk that you might want to assume.

Seek Guidance

One of the most important decisions a beginning investor can make is the aid of an experienced Investment Advisor. If you are new to investing, you don’t need to learn the ropes alone. Your Advisor can help you evaluate your needs, risks, and comfort zone so you will ultimately make the investment choices that are right for you. This Advisor may also be able to help you take advantage of potential tax benefits and market trends of which you might not be aware.

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